Shoe Storage

Inspired by my mother and sister & their love of upcycling old furniture, I took a plain, white bookshelf into this AMAZING shoe shelf. I have been rocking with two shoe storages (1 wooden and 1q plastic) and it irritated me to no end. The shoe racks served their purpose but didn't go with the flow of my room/workspace. I had been on a massive search for a bookshelf for a few weeks and in conversation was gifted one for free.99 . . . I wanted a pink splash in my room and I created just that while attempting to incorporate the pink dots on all of my walls 





1 quart of Behr Paint. . . Color: Beauty Queen

1 quart of Chalk paint . . . Color: Graphite

1 quart of sealing wax (used for shelves) 

2 paint brushes

Painting Tape 



OPTIONAL: Any decal / decoration OR just leave it without a design for a more modest outcome


Reminder: I painted my shelves while they were detached from the bookshelf . . . This made my process so much easier


I absolutely loved the outcome and being able to have a place to put shoes that didn't have a home(shoebox). I was able to fit 22 pairs of shoes and even a nice place to put my Bluetooth speaker. Next Search, is for a place to put my shoes that already abide in a shoebox . . . 

IMG_1209 2
IMG_1210 2
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Upcycled Shoes

About a year ago, I started to really get into "Pinterest" and all that it had to offer. While looking up some fun DIY crafts, I ran across a new word ... "upcycling". The name alone is unique so I continued to research and saw a craft I couldn't wait to try... Upcycling Old Shoes. Though it might look like a task that took a long time, I honestly turned on my netflix and got lost in the craft. I am always complimented by these beauties and asked what I used to craft them. Get your plain and boring shoe or in my case a scuffed up and scratched shoe that I didn't want to get rid of yet and upcycle!!!


Tools Needed:

The first & last pair were gem based & the second pair was created using fabric:


 Gem Based Upcycling Tools:


*E-6000 Glue

*Bag of Gems (Solid or Multi-Colored)

*some patience


 Comic Book (or any fabric) Based Upcycling Tools:


*Mod Podge (for fabric)

*Fabric (I cut out the words and images that I wanted to use and collaged them to look like the retro magazine)

*One more coat of Mod Podge for a finishing layer 

Jewelry Board

I have found very few things to be worse than having the PERFECT necklace and going to a container full of necklaces that are tangled up! Now you're stuck staring at this beauty and unable to wear it! (The WORST) !!! Or having so much jewelry and going to the same, tired, worn out Gold or Silver necklace because it took too much energy to actually try something new. (Just me? LOL)


I got tired of all of that and saw a DIY (do it yourself) Jewelry Board on Pinterest. The jewelry board took no more than an hour to make and was soooooo simple! Creating and hanging this board allowed for me to sort through and throw away necklaces I simply would never wear again. I used pushpins in the jewelry board to hang my necklaces.


 [Top Row: short necklaces ; Bottom Row: longer necklaces with pendants] 


The board added a splash of color to my room and the ideas are endless [shape, color, pattern, embellishments, and borders]. There is something about seeing your jewelry organized, hanging up and spread out  because I've NEVER worn so many different necklaces and expanding my outfit choices to be "that much more on point". 




 *Coark Board - Hobby Lobby


 *Sequin Fabric - Jo Anns


 *Diamond Embellishments - Jo Anns  


*Push Pins - Target

Brushed Flawlessly

If you've been following this blog, then you know my love for adding jewels to everything!!! From my shoes, to my laptop case, and now to my makeup brushes! During my normal "time killer" activity (pinterest..follow me @momackstyles), I saw a user take some ordinary brushes and add some sparkle! I absolutely love my brushes and even made some cutes ones for my mom and sister. Real Technique brushes are inexpensive makeup brushes that I purchased from Ulta. There is a brush for foundation, contour, stippling, lip brush...EVERY KIND OF BRUSH! For the eyeshadow brushes, I purchased the WetnWild brush from Walgreens for $0.99. The gems are at places like JoAnns and Hobby Lobby but I've found them to be very inexpensive if you purchase them through ebay. (shipping took a week)



* Variety of MakeUp Brushes 

*Super Glue (to keep the gems in place after use)

*Sheet of Gems (adhesive & should separate together by row) *check picture*


** after putting glue on row by row, simply wrap the gems around the brush. Once you get to the place you started at, tear off the extras**

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