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5 Instagram Spots in Charleston, SC


Hey everyone! So, I know that you we are in need of a quick break/getaway during the pandemic. As a "Content Creator" and "Fashion Influencer", I've needed to add some zest to my photos. Many of us are having a few reasons to celebrate, amidst Covid-19 and I have the perfect place for you to enjoy! CHARLESTON, SC!


Charleston is known for its southern charm, historical homes, cobblestone streets, and gorgeous moss-laden oak trees. It’s the fitting image for the term “Charming Charleston” which you’ll hear often. As a fashion blogger, it’s my job to seek out the best pictures for you to visit during your visit to this iconic city. I’ve shared a few of the top Instagram worthy spots that are sure to be a hit both on your social media page, and your photo album to remember. 


  • Rainbow Row- Are you looking to add a splash of color to your feed with some snaps at Rainbow Row? It’s just a short work from another location called the Battery, you’ll find 13 pastel-colored rowhouses located on East Bay Street. This is one of the most popular spots in Charleston for bloggers and photographers alike. Their varying Hughes of purple, blue, green, and pink are reminiscent of Easter eggs and sure to match any outfit. This is the perfect way for you to add a few varieties of photos so bring a change of clothes to get some fun backgrounds in just a few minutes.

  • The Battery - When you think of someone say ‘battery’ you think that it’s something electric literally. The Battery is a historic sea wall built at the top of the intersection of the Cooper and Ashley Rivers. If you think of lush, green oak trees with Spanish mop dripping from their limbs, you’ll find a cool ocean breeze waiting for you through the historic streets. The battery has views of the harbor as well as the Ravenel Bridge. Don’t forget to strike a pose in front of one of the beautiful historic homes that border the battery area. Just pretend your one of the rich and famous! 

  • Add a Limo As A Prop- If you want your fashion shoots to be extra glamorous, you can do that by using vintage cars or limos in the background of your picture. You’ll want to look with a reliable and trustworthy company and if you live in the Charleston area, there is only one company to call. Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co is the picture-perfect business to not only help you bring it to life. They offer a fleet of rides such as BMW two passenger limousine, or a vintage Desoto convertible to a 50 passenger that came right out of the ’60s. If you’re even thinking of a glamorous wedding photoshoot, they offer wedding transportation in Charleston as well. Whatever it is that you are needing, they offer a friendly, reliable, and trustworthy staff to assist you with your photos, movies, weddings, or just even basic transportation.

  • Angel Oak - This is an iconic tree that many love to flock too. You almost feel compelled to whisper while visiting this beautiful oak tree. It is one of the largest and oldest oak trees in the Lowcountry at over 400 years old and stretching 65 feet tall. It’s mossy limbs stretch so far across a park that you might need to take a panoramic shot to capture its beauty in person. For this picture, I’d suggest wearing a long flowing gown to mimic the long tree branches. 

  • Coffee Shops - One way to make a fun statement isn’t just about your outfit, but also where you’re sitting. Charleston offers not only fun and inviting coffee shops but also serves as a great backdrop for your photo. Bitty and Beau is a location that is run by intellectual and developmental disabilities and the company is named after the founder’s new children. The shop prides itself on providing a unique customer service experience which is great plus has gorgeous simple and neutral black backgrounds for you to add a pop of color with your outfit and coffee. It’s such a warm and inviting environment and one you’ll not only enjoy visiting for its background captions but also it’s hospitality. 


*There are of course several other incredible places to visit in South Carolina but these are just a few to help you plan a trip and get started! When you take your pictures, my biggest advice would be to make sure you’re actually in the photo! Your followers want to be able to see your face along with your incredible backdrop of these iconic places. Have fun with it! Dress to impress or share your silliest face in the photo. Above all, enjoy the hard work you put in to make your Instagram as authentic, real, and raw as you can! 

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