I've been so excited to show how graphic t-shirts (regardless of how simple or complex) can be a dressed down or dressed up! I'm even more excited about being able to promote a friend from middle school, school and even in my "post diploma" life. Fantasia Mc Cray, the CEO of Rich Girl RagX has created a line of clothing and graphic t-shirts that absolutely fabulous. I purchased her LogoTee for this post. Ever spent your Saturday afternoon running errands & was asked to go to dinner or an evening downtown but time wasn't on your side? OR Getting cute but not wanting to "over do" a simple evening out? Regardless of your scenario, remember that a graphic tee was originated to be a cool and comfortable shirt...but that was just the origin of it... XOXO MoMackStyles

Dressed Down Details:

Army Fatigue Jeans: WetSeal+

T-Shirt: RichGirlRagXCo. <--*click link*

Sneakers: New Balance 574

Athletic Watch: Thrifted

Dressed Up Details:

Midi Skirt: Forever21+

T-Shirt: RichGirlRagXCo. <--*click link*

Spiked Heels: Poshmark (Brand New for $15 might I's online thrift)

Gold/Black Wrap Watch: Charlotte Russe

Gold Hoop Earrings: Icings

Sunhat: Target

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