Wear White Where?

In 22 years of living there's been a rule that white (and colors in that family) are pretty much unheard of after labor day. This was a rule that I have obeyed for many years but thought. . . there had to be a way to bend this rule. Although I didn't choose to wear white, I went in the family and used off white for my base and layered my accessories with fall colors. A navy blue vest to tone down my dress, a burgundy lippie and a pair of Lug Heels that were tan, all fall colors.

This outfit was perfect transition from summer to fall, taking the summer feel of a shift dress to a cozy Lug Heel bootie.


*Shift Dress - BooHoo

*Vest - Wet Seal

*Lippie - Mac Cosmetics (Talk That Talk - Rihanna Collection)

*Lug Heel - Go Jane

*Cross Necklace - Charlotte Russe

*Fashion Frame - Icings