KISS: Keep It Simple Sis

I've been about the "pleated life" and somewhat about the "leather life" but PLEATED LEATHER!!! . . .I love it! I purchased this skirt from Charlotte Russe about two months ago and spent so much time attempting to find the perfect "quirky" or "unique" top but I accepted this skirt to be main focus and have a "less is more" outlook. Letting the skirt be my main focus I decided to use my "KISS" mentality . . . "KEEP IT SIMPLE SIS". Basically, I allowed my skirt to be the main attraction and added a black body suit and plain black cap toe heels. The rest of the outfit details are below, comment below...


Body Suit- Forever21

Leather Pleated Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Cap Toe Heels:

Statement Necklace: Charlotte Russe