Flip It & Reverse It

If you are a faithful MoMackStyles follower (&I hope that you are... if not, follow me on FB, IG, & Pinterest), you can remember my swimwear blog post from last summer

(click here). Although, the outfit was super BOMB, I hate that I never got to feature the detail and mesh of the swimsuit. So, while packing for Miami, I thought this was a great time to remind you all, of the meaning "Same Girl, Different Slay". Yes! This was the perfect opportunity to Split my beachwear, into multiple outfits (in this case 2).

Day one of Miami, I spent at the beach of our hotel and wore the Tomato Mesh Swimsuit, from forever 21+ with a Kimono that I used as a scarf. I was so tickled, when a follower, inquired about my choice of cover up. Being fashionable, allows you to create your own rules. If you are really good at creating those rules, you can find multiple uses for one article of clothing. My cover up, was actually a kimono that I wrapped as a scarf (Dope, right?)

The entirety of Day 2, was spent in South Beach on the strip. I spent a previous day on the beach, but I felt so overdressed, cute nonetheless. So, I thought I would wear a swimsuit with my lace cover up maxi dress. Needless to say, I fit in with the crowd and much more comfortable walking around. Miami was so hot (Duh, right?! lol), and I knew that I did not want to be too exposed. Between walking around and catching the breeze, but not being too concerned when sitting down at a restaurant, this was the perfect outfit.

I LOVED everything about my swimwear in Miami, Fl. But, I would have to say that Day two, takes the trophy!

Day One Outfit Details:

Swimsuit: Forever21+

Cover Up: Kimono from itsFashionMetro

Day Two Outfit Details:

Swimsuit: Forever21+

Cover Up: Forever21+