Dear Chelsea,

with the awesomeness of've made it to 25 years. Last year you were experiencing new feelings and preparing for a new life. As of today, March 30th are in a C O M P L E T E L Y different headspace (&we thank GOD lol).

Your level of success has changed, what truly matters has altered & what God wants for you has become more of what you're seeking. You spent so many years feeling invincible and life had a way of showing you. . .swift transitions are common (even for you).

With various changes, you have seen some of the best days as it pertains to your brand & dreams. The push/support, the connections, the networking, the events and opportunities have been exactly what I prayed for. . . no, literally! I know you remember praying (out of frustration) that you only wanted to be surrounded by God-guided connections.

You don't have stories of being able to just up and leave (regardless of the bond). But, you are aware of trying your best & still being left without an answer given. 24 had more highs than lows and on your worst days you must remember that these experiences are for more than just you. Someone, somewhere, someday will need to know how you made it through. . .and because I am so confident in you, I know you are equipped with the tools to help them get through it.

Every previous year was filled with "CELEBRATION" . . . but preparing for 25 has been filled with self-evaluation, so much unlearning, meditation, meetings, business ventures, collaborations, working overtime and photoshoots GALORE & I know you wouldn't change anything about it. As imperfect as you are and as much growing that you still have to do. . . I know you deserve the very best in every piece of your life. . .and I hope you continue to pursue your personal happiness & God.

Forever in your corner,

Chelsea Mo - The Same Girl Different Slay

ps. You are not a victim

to what is simply apart of your story. . . <3

Photography By: Lyndsey Livingston (click to book)