"See, what had happened was..."

How could you celebrate your 4th Blogaversary after not touching your blog all year?”, “You’re only taking pictures because it’s a traditional thing, right?”, “What did you even accomplish between August 2018 and August 2019?.

Yup! The previous questions were questions that I asked myself within the last two months, as I literally started to dread celebrating something that I’ve worked to maintain for years. Previously, I never understood why bloggers would “revamp” and “relaunch”. However, I totally get this after 4 years. I spent the end of 2018 partaking in collaborations with brands, my favorite being Kierra Sheards clothing brand Eleven60! This was such a dope experience and brought my confidence in my brand to a new level. As an “influencer”, it is difficult to not be stuck on the number of followers or collaborations. When you’re passionate and love what you do, the opportunities will come if it is in God’s will.

Let’s fast forward to 2019, whew chilllaaaaay! Although I started to take my health and obesity serious towards the end of 2018, in 2019 it became my main focus. I wasn’t sure of what direction I wanted my blog to head (&honestly I still don’t) but I knew that a healthier version of “Chelsea” would produce and long-lasting brand. At the beginning of my journey as a blogger, I wanted this to be “FASHION ONLY”. But, I’ve accepted the various parts of my life are to be shared because I am not composed of fashion trends. But in 2019, I focused on not only working out consistently but partaking in better eating habits (we’ll talk about that one day). Currently, I am down 43 lbs between September 2018 and August 2019. Although my goal is a total of 80 lbs, I am super hyped about the hard work, physical changes and influence that this healthier lifestyle has brought.

Although I have not written a physical blog post since 2018, I have stayed active on all social media platforms and I’ve enjoyed the interaction with my followers. That being said, I know what you may have in mind at this point. . .

“So, wHaT’s NeXt?”, I’m so glad you asked. My only hope is to find a balance between my weight loss journey and my brand. With accountability, I can admit that procrastination and investing my time into dead, unproductive or toxic situations have caused me to lose somewhat of my focus. I literally made myself choose weight loss or blogging. With an adjusted focus and a shift on my holistic growth, I can accomplish both. I mean, I lost 43 lbs naturally and created a 12 Week Challenge Group “KTSE BODY CHALLENGE”. I am supported, I am loved, I am talented, I am beautiful, I am God-chosen & I have an influence to change those near and far (yasssss words of affirmation lol). I’ve heard these things for years but now I am really seeing this to be true and repeating it to myself.

Happy 4th Blogaversary to ME, MoMackStyles and to the Same Girl Different Slay Blog.

Thank you for rocking with me, even if you started today!

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