Heeeyyyy Friend!

If you’re reading this, we’ve both made it to 2020! I’ve been hesitant to write a blog because I don’t even know if people still read blogs. But, I have so many experiences to share, ideas to execute and my normal rants! However, I am not here to overwhelm you. That being said, I want this first blog post of 2020 to be about L E S S O N S! The year 2020 is being claimed as the year of “perfect vision”, “clarity” and “full on focus”. What better way to execute an amazing year than with lessons from the previous year?

Before I discuss the 5 lessons from 2020, I have to shoutout P3culiar Photography for these amazing pictures. I wanted it to be known that in 2020, I’m showing up . . . REGARDLESS! Somedays, I might show up looking like my beautiful mother and other days. . . handsome like my dad! (LOL). But, I am showing up & showing out . . .PERIODT! Also, I wanted to reiterate the purpose behind my blog. The “Same Girl” is not conformed to one certain look and is open to a “Different Slay” based on her mood or move for the day!

HOWEVER…let’s get to these lessons, pooh!

1.) “Stop holding yourself accountable but not the people around you” Whew! In 2019, I was extremely tough on myself. But, I made excuses for everyone around me. I would literally excuse: inconsideration, lies, lack of respect, time wasting and so much more! I would then turn around and be disappointed that I: overslept for the gym, had a cheat day or didn’t stick to my posting schedule. That being said, I am expecting CONSISTENCY from me AND everyone around me.

2.) “Being single is NOT a handicap” I was blessed to see more income in 2019, though my spending habits were horrible! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a tithe payer and my bills are all paid. But, I could have been wiser with my funds. I could’ve put my funds into traveling and experiencing things locally or even some concerts. Being single started feeling like a hindrance because it wasn’t safe to travel solo. Not everyone has the same interests and I definitely didn’t want to be the “single sad friend”. But, 2020 is the year that I make it happen. Financially making wiser decisions and finding a safer way to travel, with or without anyone.

3.) “My experiences are not just for me” I had this lesson in 2018 and I shared it throughout 2019 to anyone that had a tough experience. The “not so pretty” experiences are here for me to learn and grow from. Also, there’s at least one person who needs to see you win. Imagine surviving a hard lesson and it being the BLUEPRINT for someone else to win! I try to keep that scenario in my head, when I literally feel that I can’t “deal”.

4.) “Issa No” I’m not explaining my “No”. I don’t need to. Whether it’s a toxic family member or friend, an Ex-Interest that feels entitled to another chance because time has passed or ANY INTERACTION THAT DRAINS ME! My answer is “no” and an explanation is not required to my answer. “Issa No” doesn’t mean that you’re nasty, rude or unsupportive. I value my time and I value those who value my time AND I have set boundaries to preserve my energy… DASSIT!

5.) “Set the Agenda”. Outside of blogging, I work a full time job in Sales and we’re always instructed to set the stage or the expectation as to how the conversation will go. Choosing to set the expectation upfront will help you to control the conversation and in most cases the OUTCOME! I’m still up in the air as it relates to dating. BUT, I know that being upfront with what I want or expect is MANDATORY! Approach me and my response in 2020 is “Hi, I’m Celibacy and Courtship” lol . . . I simply want to avoid any wasted time because I HAVE THINGS TO DO THIS YEAR AND EVERY YEAR AFTER! Period, pooh! Taking on a project or agreeing to be there more for people this year while preserving your energy? SET THE AGENDA! Express your expectations and boundaries, love. Want to make sure your day is filled with as much peace and tranquility? Start your day with a 5-minute pep talk, prayer, meditation and a To-Do list!

So, there you have it! I plan on having an amazing year and accomplishing so much more than last year, WHILST being happy! Hopefully balancing the above lists will help you to do the same! Make sure to stay connected with me on: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube !

Peace, Blessings and Prosperity,