The last 365 days have been, interesting. I went from my first pandemic birthday to working from home . . . to launching A Vibe Called Chels . . . to gaining quarantine pounds . . . to facing my mental health head on and HERE WE ARE!

The good definitely outweighs the bad and I'm so grateful. Daily I try to remind myself that someone would prefer my "ugh" moments, over theirs. Per the tradition, I decided to stamp a new year with pictures.

I went from "oh no, another pandemic birthday" to contracting Covid-19. So, this birthday definitely "hits different" and I'm so blessed to be here and surrounded by an amazing tribe. I'll be spending a good bit of my birthday isolated, simply to self-reflect and prepare for a new year. 27 was strange, very strange. But, I think it prepared me for one of the most productive, fun and goal smashing years. I faced "me", I faced my perspective, I faced my places of improvement and I faced where I put my value and accessibility.

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