I am NOT a “Lifestyle Blogger”

. . .not even a little bit.

But, I do want to say I fully understand that “Its a Lifestyle” is more than just a cliche statement. Before even starting my weight loss journey, I had to be so in love with the girl I saw in the mirror. 


Can I be real? Like really, really, REALLY real? I started my weight loss journey last February and by the end of December, I actually  gained weight. This was such a disappointment but not a total surprise. 


I woke up most mornings at 4 am and went to the gym (GREAT!) BUT, I didn't have the best eating habits. Even when it came to Meal Prepping, consistency wasn't my friend. So, instead of moping and going into a state of chaotic depression, I decided to follow the mathematic equation:


+ Healthy Eats

+ Water =



So, this year it's not a "New Years Resolution". But, a vow to live healthier, CONSISTENTLY! 

Being small was never my look, nor would I want it to be. A slimmer and healthier me, is the true "Goals"! 

Now, on to the fashion. . . I workout at a time that most are sleep. SO, believe me when I say, I enjoy my workout fashion for me lol. . .

From jacket, to sports bra, to pants and shirts, ALL workout gear is from Old Navy, the only place that I get my workout clothes from. I love the comfort, cuteness and material of Old Navy's Activewear. Also, my sneakers are Nike Roshe One and they have this amazing ridged padding that I love! 

Drop your tips, ideas and weight loss goals below in the comments section. Also, don't forget to post your workout fits on social media using the hashtag #ProjectSnatchedSlay !



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